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Does anybody else have similar problems

I have problems with my 160gb Matrox Diamondmax +9 hard drive and Windows 2000 pro.

My Computer: MSI Ultra-Aru KT3 (udma133), AMD 1700, master 80 gb diamondmax, slave 160 gb diamondmax, master LG CD-rw, slave 48Xcdrom, Asus 64mb v7700?...

Slave disk (160gb) is partitioned in 1 extended with 1x75gb, 1x40gb, 1x 20gb, 1x20gb subpartitions all fat32 format.

Operating systems Win2000pro (1st primary-ntfs 7,8gb), Win2000pro (2nd primary-ntfs 9gb) and WinMe (3rd primary-fat32 9gb)-On Master Hard Drive.

My Bios (latest version) does recognize the disk properly but in windows 2000, partition magic 8 tells that hard disk is only 131 gb. Windows 2000 disk management recognizes only 128gb. PqMagic and disk management doesnt recognize the last partition on 160gb drive. I have latest service packs and drivers.

In WinME there is no problems and partition magic recognizes hard disk correctly. Norton disk doctor also tells that there is no problems, but in Win2000, disk doctor finds corrupter partitions.

Few times the whole 160gb hard disk partitions disappeard and every now and then i find corrupted partitions or corrupted "directories in folders".

I have tried to partition the 160gb disk differently: in one large partition, to ntfs format, primary, and logical. Problem still exists. Some times PqMagic recognized (In win2000) hard drive as 152gb??

Might there be some limitations in Win2000 with large hard drives. Its strange that WinMe works fine. Do you have any suggestions to help my problem?

When I boot to fist Win2000 partition, WinMe partition is visible in windows explorer. When I boot to Win2000 in second partition, both winMe and (first) Win2000 partitions are visible in windows explorer. In WinMe there is no primary partitions wisible. Also drive letters are different in win2000 and WinMe. Is there any possibility to correct this (hide other operating systems).

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  1. I might have solved one of the problems. As in Microsoft support pages suggested in I edited registry to enable 48-bit LBA and now win2000 recognizes my 160gb hard disk as 152,66gb. I wonder if this is right because Partition Magic tells that it is 156gb. Now I can use all partitions (also the last) in Win2000. Yet I havent found any corrupted files.

    Is there any possibility to hide other operating system partitions in Win2000?

    As I previously wrote, when I boot to first partition, win2000 doesnt hide the winMe partition (third). And when I boot to second partition (win2000 also), i can see both win2000 partitions and winme partition. This might cause some problems if accidentally other partitions operating system files are used??

    Im not sure if the system files of the win2000 in second partiton are located in the first partition (and must it be so?). (1st partition 7,8gb win2000, 2nd partition 9gb win2000, 3rd partition winme 9gb).

  2. Don't worry about about the system confusing which partition the system is on, it knows.
    You are half correct about the second partition W2k using files on the first. Both first and second installs share the use of ntldr, ntdetect, and boot.ini, but that's it.
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