64 bit or 32 bit for my system?

I am almost sure that I should use the 64-bit version, but I just want to make sure. As of now I have a really old xp system but have just ordered parts for my first computer build (for gaming). Here are any parts that are relevant to which windows I should use:


vid card:


ram (4 gigs):


Like I said I'm pretty sure I should use the 64-bit version, but I want to order OEM so I just want to make sure that I'm making the right choice before I order it.

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    As for the 64-bit system, go for it as you are plannig on buying 4 gigs of RAM. A 32-bit system won't use all of it. I have been using 64-bit Win7 for a while with no probs.
  2. I am running the 32bit and like it(4G Ram,Win sees 3G of it), 64bit offers support for more onboard memory, so if you do memory intensive apps like CAD, 64bit would be better, otherwise it is a personal choice
  3. Solid build and i would recommend the 64bit os for memory flexibility.
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  5. Ok, thanks a lot guys. I was just a little hesitant to pay $100 for something that was non-refundable before I was sure ^^
  6. When using 64 bit - BE CAREFUL - i have a lot of customers moan because their computer has stopped working, and as soon as they tell me that, I know they have installed the wrong drivers.

    So with 64 bit, any drivers you install, MAKE SURE they are the 64 bit drivers and not the 32 bit :)
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