Simple Answer needed QUICKLY. Which AMD CPU?

Need an answer post haste.

What i want to do is overclock the cpu without unlocking it, and run it at 166FSB on my 8K3A+ to get maximum benefit with THE MINIMUM OF FUSS and lowest voltage.

So the choice is:
A. XP1600+ 'AGOIA' and run it at 166x10.5 = 1750Mhz (Cost is $110 AU)
B XP1700+ 'TbredA' and run it at 166x11 = 1825Mhz (Cost is $128 AU)

Do the tbredA's overclock well? I think i remember them getting up to XP2200+ speeds with 1.65v... or am i mistaken? Can all of them do 1825Mhz without breaking a sweat?

The cooler is a MCX-462 with quiet panaflow 200rpm 80mm fan.

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  1. As most of us recall, the TbredA didn't O/C much (if at all) farther than the Palomino. Part of that was the immaturity of the .13u layout, and part of it was due to the difficulty of cooling the thing (smaller surface area on the core).

    I'd say get the XP1600+.

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  2. i remember that... but that was the high ones that allready were 1.65v
    Im getting the low one that 1.5v

    I dont really care that it cant reach really high speeds.
    I just want it to be able to do 166FSB(1825Mhz) outta the box with something less than phenomenal core voltage.

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  3. My Tbred 1700 runs at stock voltage 150 FSB no problems at all with temperatures less than 42 C. I am pretty sure that I could do 166 FSB if my board supported it with any degree of stability. Stock voltage is only 1.5 so even a small increase would likely get you to your 166 FSB with stability.
  4. Stock voltage for 150fsb/1650Mhz... nice.
    That should like the one ill get.

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  5. I have a XP1600+ that will do 166X10.5. Bought it around january of this year, sorry I don't know the batch code.

    In my case it would only do it with voltages so high my current cooling system was very marginal. I ended up unlocking to get a cool stable 166X10.

    If I would have been willing to go with one of those turbo prop deltas or something (on my PAL8045) it would have probably been OK , but it is hard to say.

    I'm guessing the newer batches will behave even better than mine has so your chances are high with good cooling.

    I've only got this one sample so this is hardly a statistical sampling, and I can't speak at all to the XP1700+'s.
  6. I was thinking about this, and it's entirely possible that the TBredA 1700+ will OC to a 166FSB. The TBredAs <i>were</i> bad OCers, but then again, the TBres A was initially released as an AXP2200+ @ 1.8GHz, which is exactly where you would be taking a TBredA 1700+ to if you upped the FSB to 166MHz.

    So based on the fact that TBredA was initially launched at the speed you'd OC the TBredA 1700+ to, I'd guess that it'd work just peachy.

    Then again, I could be wrong. Heh heh.

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  7. indeed. Chatting to freinds online ive decided to get the XP1700+ As its got a damn good likelyhood of getting up to 166fsb/1825mhz, or i can run it at stock speeds at very low voltage in the height of summer (32C room temps) or i can even give unlocking it a go.. and thats damn easier to do on the tbred than on a pally core.

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