Blank screen on startup acer 5530g

Put my laptop acer 5530g to hibernate and while I turned on, it's the black screen that I saw. I hear the fans running ,lights on,but the screen is totally black. Tried to remove battery,power button pressed 30secs ,switched on with power cord,without battery but still no sign. Then didn't try much took to acer wat I got was they said the mother board is gone,,,!!!!!was so sad... Can anyone help me with new suggestions? Any body knows if the boot up of bios will work from a pen drive?.as it's shown in the YouTube for aspire one, wondering if anybody has tried it.just wanted to try this last technique but seems there has to be a new name replacing the file,and don't know what to do.plz help me. Any suggestions highly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Try this, connect an external monitor to your laptop, turn the laptop on. if the external monitor works, then the problem is likely only with laptop screen. If external monitor doesn't work, you have a motherboard/GPU issue and there's no file that will fix a broken hardware chip. So instead of lamenting of spilled milk, look into replacing your laptop
  2. External monitor doesnt u think the fan mite be the problem? it ws just perfect.only problem was the heat.thank u for u reply.
  3. Please suggest if replacing a new motherboard by the acer service center.will make it work again to normal?.plz advice me.thx
  4. that will fix it, but unless it's on warranty, it will cost you a huge amount of money
  5. when you start it, is the hdd spinning up? are the fans running max, then slowing down? i had a frields laptop the other day doing this, and i recognized that it wasnt passing POST in the first place. started trouble shooting, turned out to be a single bad stick of memory. start there.
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