PIV Xeons.... hyperthreading?

Do the P4 Xeons really have HT? (i havent seen one thing on the intel site, but every (almost every) online retailer says they do... im looking at getting a 2.8 Xeon, id like to get dual xeons, but i cant find any boards for them...

ok second question, does anyone know or recommend a dual xeon board? how about any boards that have 64-bit 66mhz pci slot?

it will be strictly for a high end server...
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  1. P4 based Xeons have had HT since day #1.

    Poke around this site: <A HREF="http://www.2cpu.com" target="_new">http://www.2cpu.com</A>

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  2. all P4 have HT it just the feature is activate on
    all XEON on sold now and on P4 3.06.Dont forget HT work well with XEON with a C1 core so get sure that you get a C1 core like 2.8 wich is a C1 core.Also 2.8 come with a 533 FSB so get sure to have a mothersboards that support this speed.

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  3. well, do either of you know of any dual xeon mobos? or know of any reviews.... or recommend one perhaps?
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  4. Not to flame. Try using a search engine. I found a bunch of reviews. Looks like Intel, Super Micro and Asus make some nice mobos.

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  5. Search for "Plumas" to find newest P4 XEON motherboards. E7500 and E7505 chipsets are the best atm.

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