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i got a dell 1545 from a buddy of mine that told me it didnt work, quickly i noticed the dc port was messed up and ordered the part. it came in today and i installed it but when i plugged my battery into the laptop nothing happened. the battery light just blinks white... i took it apart and looked to see if all my connections were still together and from what i can see it looks like they are. if anyone has any pointers please let me know. or if yall have something i can look for cause nothing comes on when i press the power button. when i installed my brother in-laws battery into it, the light stayed on but still nothing happened. im not sure what could be wrong with it.
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  1. any ideas? could it be a bad motherboard?
  2. okay well it got it to power up but the fans start up but before the load bar finishes it cuts off and the fans stop running any ideas? the battery light in the front is still blinking white? dead battery?

    edit: about to add new thermal paste, pretty sure it was just overheating.. will update later tonight
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