installin Win98 on Compaq

bought a used compaq at a computer show.
when trying to load windows, setup goes normal then after
it says, "installing files to run windows" it stops with

Standard Mode: Fault in MS-DOS Extender: EC=0000 CS=0053
IP=27BD AX=0501 BX=0001 CX=0000 DX=0006 ETC.........
Standard Bad Fault In MS-DOS Extender
Fault 0000 Stack Dump = 030C 0000 0070
Raw Fault Frame EC=0000 IP=2401 CS=0053 FL=3002 SP=00F2

ive already Fdisk and formatted, now ive been reading about compaq has its own proprietary
stuff or somethin. what do i need to do to get win98 to
load??? thank you for your help. and im not exactly
quick with computer lingo, so please be gentle. thx
and i went to the microsoft site, and what i gather is i need to use a /M switch or somethin for Himem.sys. or somethin about dosx.exe. id just like to know what i can do about it. thank you
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  1. Actualy that sounds like either bad RAM or an overheated processor. If you think it's something weird with the drive, you can try clearing the master boot record with the command fdisk /mbr

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