First time building comp... help!

Comp Newbie first time building.... Please help!!

CPU: XP2100... palmino
Ram: Corsair Pc3200 CAS2
VIDEO: Gainward Ti-4200 128 mb golden sample
HD: Maxtor 80 gig 8 mb
SOUND: OnBoard

Okay so i thought i did everything correctly... plugged in everything and what not.... motherboard installed ram installed graphic card installed....

plugged power into mobo/fans/hd/cdrw/dvd/floppy
connected IDE cables floppy cables

When i boot up the comp for the first time.... the green light on the mobo is on... fans on the heatsink and graphic cards spins.... but nothing is displayed.. my monitor tells me its receiving no input.... and im gettin no BEEPS to indicate anything..... What did i do wrong? Or what should i double check....

Please any help is appreciated... i really want to get this one up and running.... =(
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  1. Greetings. It may be a grounding issue due to improper installation of a heatsink or metal-to-metal contact between the bottom of the motherboard and the metal of the case. Try assembling the computer <b>without</b> the case and/or make sure the heatsink is installed properly.

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  2. Try to test the MB and CPU first to make sure that they're both work without connecting the Floppy Drive, Harddrive, Soundboard, Modem, NIC, USP ports if any.
  3. If its a video problem, see if the warning AGP LED is lit......check your mobo manual. Also I doubt you have one, but if you can scrounge one up you might want to try a pci video card. A friend of mine got that board and he couldn't get any video until he booted with a pci video card and then told the bios to use agp for video.

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  4. I had the same problem today. It turned out to be that my bios had the fsb set to 200 even though I jumpered it to 266/333 for the XP 2700+.

    To fix I removed the battery for the cmos and cleared the memory.
    - To clear the memory you need to locate the jumper just to the right of the battery.
    - Move the cap on the jumper from the left two post to the right two posts. Leave it there for a few seconds and then put it back on the left two posts. That should clear the memory.
    - Then reinstall the battery.

    When you boot up next you should be able to get to the bios. Check everything, including fsb. Start with safe settings.

    Hope that works for you.
  5. check that non of you floppy or ide cables are backwards anywhere
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