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Before me I have a Compaq Presario 5070. I have 2 issues with this POS. The person who owns this thing just put in a new Maxtor 40GB HDD. Using the Compaq Restore disk everything seemed to go well. However, his modem drivers didn't load up. Also, he said sometimes it crashes and nothing happens.

Okay. I booted up the POS and everything seemed fine except Win98 was looking for a PCI serial controller. Fine. I got the numbers off the modem (CIS WS-5614PM3), which is Compaq OEM, and downloaded the drivers. I tried to install these new drivers but they still wouldn't work. Great.

Enter problem # 2. While I was going to check to see if I possibly downloaded the wrong drivers (I've done that before) I returned to find a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner. I tried control+alt+delete. Nothing. I turned the power off from the power supply (no reset button on this POS) and let it reboot. The Compaq spash screen came back on then it went back to the blank screen with the cursor in the upper left hand corner.

Could this be a heat related issue? I think this thing has a K6-2 350 which is passively cooled. Could it be a power supply issue? It has a 110W (yes 110) power supply.

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  1. Update:

    After leaving the above mentioned POS off for a couple of hours I turned it back on and it booted again. It must be a heat thing.

    To start press any key. Where's the "any" key? --Homer Simpson.
  2. If you suspect heat, take the cover off and put a household fan on it. First make sure the HSF is installed correctly though. It might be a poorly installed HSF, a case with poor circulation or not enough fans, or a combination of all the above.

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  3. If you've ever worked on a Compaq mini tower you'll know how tight it is in there. It has a heatsink that sits directly behind a case fan. It's been working without any problems for close to four years and the case fan seems to be blowing fine. I have a feeling it's the power supply that may be overheating. I'll try your fan idea and see if it'll run longer. I'll also look into the possibility of the power supply's fan failing. If it is, perhaps just replacing that might help.

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  4. Dust also comes to mind. It could be killing your airflow.

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  5. Before I even sit down and look at these things I fire up the air compressor and give 'em a good blow job. :smile: It did have about 4 years of dust caked up in there.

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  6. a 5070 is spos to have a cpu fan. the biggest failures for most comcraps of that era are power supply, fan, and mobo.
    the power supplys are the worst in these models...they have a habit of partually failing. causing all kinds of lil prob.
    I suggest you use to pc for a door stop

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