Why wont telnet work for me?

Hello, I am studying for the A+ and cannot get telnet to work. I get the error "telnet is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

I disabled my firewall and AV thinking it was blocking the port. No luck.

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  1. Thanks but that link is for 2000, NT .. I am using Win7 Ultimate. It did, however offer a link to anther page but I still did not find an answer that solves my issue directly.

    Thank you for your help, if you have any other ideas.... :hello:
  2. it doesn't run on my computer either, I am using Win7 Ultimate, so I did some research, look here:1.Open control panel.
    2.Then go into programs.
    3.Then in programs and features there should be a part that says ‘turn windows features on or off ‘ .

    4.Click ‘turn windows features on or off ‘ then on the list that appears simply check the box beside: Telnet Client.
    5.Then click ok.

  3. Worked perfectly, thanks!!
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