Acer loptop not opening its screen...

hey guys did someone encounter this problem on any loptop???
i have acer loptop..,my problem is when i open my loptop and push the power button,it only powering on the buttons but on the screen i cant see anything its all black..i think its the monitor problem but im not sure...

anyone guys can help me??
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  1. Shine a flashlight on the laptops screen and see if you make out any faint images. If you can see something the backlight or invertor may have failed if you have a LCD screen on your laptop. Try connecting an external monitor and switching the video to it.
  2. ok i did what you told me sir but no luck.., i maybe think its now on hardware problem..,
  3. @MIKO30 :
    I have the same problem too
  4. yah my mom carried it to the technician and the technician said that he only reset the to reset it?
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