Thermal compound necessary?

I'm about to purchase an Athlon XP CPU (retail). The included heatsink has small, rectangular thermal solution already applied to the bottom of the heatsink. Does this replace using thermal compounds that must be squeezed onto the top of the CPU?
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  1. if your not over clocking, the stock hsf and the pad is fine.

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  2. Anything that bridges the two surfaces that has thermal properties will do the job, the only reason to replace the default pads\solutions is when you what increase performance in cooling !


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  3. Thats rectangular pad on the bottom of the HSF ur getting is more than adequit enough as a thermal medium between the CPU Die and the long as ur not overclocking anyways =)

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  4. you don't want to use both, but if you have 5$ why not buy some AS2 or AS3 and alcohol off the old pad? a thin layer of AS2 could give you a couple more degrees and Mhz

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