Looking for- A8 portable laptop.

Hey Fourm!

I am looking for a laptop that is portable enough for a businessman, looks professional, but under all that bore- can play games (Shogun, maybe BF3 on low-mid, Skyrim, League of Legends etc).

Ideally I am interested in an A8/A6 Rig with dual graphics. However, even a good A8 in its own right, in a notably lighter more portable or just far far cheaper PC would be a blessing. (Ok no BF3, but all other games will play)

I am not a technologicsl snob and would not like to overpay for how thin my e-peen will be. However I do crave something that can play games and looks professional.

I travel alot abroad, and weight is an issue as I often book myself budget flights that are strict in that way.

Please help this laptop savage find a laptop to nurture in his traveling hands for the next half a year-year.
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  1. Acer Aspire AS5560G-SB485 Notebook AMD A-Series A8-3500M?? It's $500. It is 5.74lbs which is actually not that bad for a 15.6" laptop. However, I personally prefer a 14" laptop under 5lbs for portability.

  2. For a 14" laptop that uses an Intel i5-2430m CPU and a nVidia GT 540m, consider an Acer Aspire TimelineX laptop for $680.


    It does not have a Llano A8 APU, but the i5-2430m is a more robust CPU and the nVidia GT 540m should be more powerful than the Radeon HD 6640g2 (HD 6620 + HD 6470 discreet video card). It is also about 0.9lbs (~13 ounces) lighter. But the TimelineX is $180 more than the Aspire.
  3. I cannot guarantee the GT 540 is more powerful than the HD 6640g2 since there are no benchmarks for the 6640g2.
  4. 2 jAGUARSKX-

    Those computers seem quiet nice! While I would potentially preffer slightly lighter build - the computers essentially are in the correct price category and have exactly what I need for gaming while on a Buisness trip. Plus with the evident lack of decent ultraportables on the market I am willing to consider the evil Acer, which I would not usually touch with a ten foot pole :P

    2 Cloudy-

    Sadly Intel intergrated in that model- the bane of all gamers. However From the lenovo range I have actually been looking at: E525, currently the A8 configs go for around 450 Pounds Sterling where I am.

    Hmm, still continuing the search for a perfect on the move laptop for a gamer with an under 1000 budget for the purchase. Ideally even less! I am a jew after all,....
  5. Hmm, found two interesting models. What does forum think is better?

    Intel Based Lenovo:


    APU based Asus

    While the Lenovo is a bit more pricy it looks like a Macbook clone. The cheaper Asus is a decent build, but I can't seem to find where to buy it with UK shipment...

    Choices choices. Both offer the balance of work-play that I am looking for, however if anybody has any other suggestions chuck em up here :P
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