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I have one stick of OCZ PC2700 Ram and I was planning on getting another stick of 256MB. Would it be OK to buy a stick of a different brand like Corsair PC2700 and mix it with the OCZ?

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  1. I would get two identical sticks of the same memory. Mixing different sticks may turn your system into a crash fest.

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  2. you're always better using to similiar styles of ram. Although since you're planning on buying another high quality ram I don't see any major issues. It's still not the preferable way to go, but as long as the new ram has the same timings you shouldn't see a major issue.

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  3. Stick, hehe, with the same name if possible. Even if it runs fine with two different brands you will probably see better performance with the same brand.

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  4. can anyone provide some idea why? This makes absolutly no sense to me?

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  5. Actually, with most people using Intel based computers, i haven't heard of mixing RAM as a problem (a guy i know for example has a 256 generic bargain buy from fry's as well as 512 corsair stick in his 2.0 machine). I dunno about Athlon systems, but i have rarely found mix-matched memory to be a problem for p4's, p3's or p2's (even with varying speeds - such as 2700 mixed with 2100 -- lol, now pc100 with rambus 1066 might be difficult lol).

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