Help! I need to open slot1 case and remove pins.

My fan is going bad. Can someone tell me how to open a PII slot1 case. I have a new Vantec fan that has 4 mounting pins. The problem is these pins line up with 4 pins within the CPU case. Before anyone tells me to trash it and upgrade, note that this is the kids gamer and not Dads P4.
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  1. You just need to replace the COOLER? These can be attached with clips, but OEM coolers were often attached with screws that looked like rivets. IIRC they were torx head, aka "star" head, similar to allen head (but needing a TORX headtool instead of an Allen head tool).

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  2. All PII's I ever saw just had a fan that could be unscrewed removed & replaced :/ ?

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