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Who would you recommend to buy a custom-configured PC from? I'm aware of companies like Alienware, Falcon Northwest, G-Machines, Dell etc.

Believe it or not - my company is willing to buy me whatever PC I want (I won a contest). Normally I build my own machines - but that isn't an option this time.

Besides the ones listed above - who has the holy grail of good prices and service?

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  1. Falcon Northwest, the first and the best in quality and customer service. They almost always win the various magazine contests.


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  2. That's a good question. But if I were you and someone posted the name of a private person that they thought was the C in custom computer building I would not go with it because I wouldn't know them.

    Like It was suggested, Falcon North West is top shelf, where you can blow $3500 just on a case with no problem. And you get a real guarantee with it, not like a tail light guarantee that you would get with a private person...Vista

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  3. I'll second The Prisoner. They are said to put together a good machine. The point being that about ANY company of good rep will build you a custom machine. Oh, they may not CALL it that. They may say 'Pick whatever base system you like and add whatever other things you want.', but it amounts to the same thing. I don't have many customers who go for The Best, it's usually 'the cheapest thing that will get me by'.

    You're a lucky man. I wouldn't worry about WHO right now as much as I would WHAT. I.e. do you go for an AMD64 FX-51 or an Intel Pentium 4EE? The reat of it is easy. Well, at least until you get to the 19-20" LCD or 22" CRT monitor debate :).

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  4. Can't go wrong with Falcon NW, or Alienware, but Dell treat it like the plague, been there. Nothing but horrors..

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