Mac os X and windows together

Hello,are there any problems with speed and life of the system if we use both mac os X and windows together on a mac
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  2. Welcome to the forum. It won't affect the speed of OSX adversely and it shouldn't hurt the system's longevity, to my knowledge.
  3. I've been running Mac and Windows on all my mac's (4 different models of Macbook Pro) for 4+ yrs and never had any problems.
    I use Bootcamp though, not vmware or parallels
  4. I've done this as well using both BootCamp and Parallels. No adverse affects whatsoever. Parallels works so well that I'd recommend it over BootCamp. In fact, on the contemporary Macs I don't think you can even install XP (drivers), but Windows 7 only. Parallels FTW.
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