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I am trying to completely restore my laptop to factory settings. I have done a system restore by pressing alt+f10 during startup, but this only restores the c drive. There is lots of stuff on my d drive which I'm sure did no originally come on the laptop eg safari and iPod services, vlc player. Is there a way to completely reset the D drive aswell as the C drive?

Thanks! Xxx
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  1. Yes you can simply right click D: and click format

    this will completely erase the partition. (there are some recovery options you can do to get the info back.)

    all depends on who ur selling it to and what's on it if u need to securely erase the disk
  2. Thanks, I will try this later! I'm not selling it, just want to start again from fresh as my laptop has got so full and clogged up and I'm
    Sure half the stuff doesn't need to be on there. I've saved all the files I need externally so hopefully this will clear the computer space up! Thanks for your help!
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