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Hello All,
I've been lurking about on the forums for the past few days, as I'm getting the bug to build a new system. I'm currently using an old 750mhz Athlon system with 98se that I build four years ago, but it will probably be passed on to my 4 year-old for playing educational games soon. SO, I could use a little guidance.

The system will be used for general MS Office, internet, etc, but will mainly be used for heavy digital photo and video editing/creation. I am a big AMD fan, but will consider Intel if it provides the best performance and upgrade path for my uses.

Right now, I'm debating the AMD plaftform with the A7N8X mobo and 2000-2200XP cpu and the Intel platform with the P4PE mobo and 2.4-2.53ghz cpu. The system needs two FAST 80+gb hdd, and at least 512mb of memory. I will probably also use the Sony +-dvd burner and Windows XP. I don't plan to overclock at this point, but any OC-ability would always be a good thing down the road.

I'm not particularly cost constrained, but am trying to keep the system below $1500-$2000 (without monitor). I'm mostly concerned with performance and upgrade path. Any suggestions as to boards, cards, memory, case, power, coolers, etc are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help, I'm excited to get started on this thing!
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  1. photoman,
    I would seriously consider NOT upgrading until late spring when most of the new interfaces/hardware will be available such as PCI Express, 0.13u ATI cards, along with prominent use of SATA and the heavily touted Hammer processors. I have been considering upgrading for a long while now and this is the decision I have decided on. Let me know if you have any questions. If you need to upgrade sooner than late spring... I could come up with a system for ya. 1500 dollars can buy a top end system very easily....
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