Incorrect CPU speed on BIOS

I just finished building my amd athlonxp 2400+ machine and BIOS is reading it as a 1800+

WCPUID is also reading it as an 1800+ (1.5 MHz).. it should be a 2.0 MHz. Any suggestions?

This was my first time installing a heatsink on the processor... next time I'm having the company clamp that sucker together!
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  1. Set the FSB to 133MHz. Involves moving a jumper on the motherboard. Consult the motherboard manual for details.

    <i>It's your world kid!!!</i>
  2. may not involve a jump.
    It probably needs to be set in the bios.
    As the last dude sais, set the fsb/cpu clock/cpu frequency to 133mhz
  3. I changed the jumper and everything is fine. Thanks. I intended on doing that when I first installed everything... man I need to work on that short-term memory.
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