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Hello ALL,
I am planning on a nice new N-Force Rig.
I have just sold my GiGabyte/ XP 2000 gaming beast.
The Asus A7n8x is my MOMMA-Board of choice.
I would really like to hear all sides of the XP bang for buck and overclockability agruements. I have read that the XP 2400 is the way to go??? Is this 266 or 333 fsb?? I know this is yet another factor on the 2600 and up. I have a swiftech 462+ for my heatsink in a yet to be determined AL case. Do not want to water -cool, just aggressive air cooling. Anyway, I hope you wise - men will be kind enough to make sure I purchase the correct Athlon XP. I can afford the 2800, but have a feeling after all overclocking is said and done that the 2400 for now and a BARTON in about 15 to 17 months is the best path to take.????.

Thanks a GIG - Morgan
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  1. Greetings. This situation seems to come up often. Here is a <A HREF="" target="_new">Link</A> Cheers!

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Official Asus A7N8X Thread</A>

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  2. Hey,
    I'm overwhelmed with all the responses.???
  3. 2600+ still performe less that a 2.53 P4 it become really useless to buy any AMD produce if it dont come witha 33% lower price

    Now what to do??
  4. Bump
    please present cases to the jury.
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    Re: Forum Veterans [re: halkebul]

    I'm overwhelmed with all the responses.???
  6. Maybe you arent getting any responses because this same question has been asked about a billion times on here, even within the past week... Do a search... As for the 2600+ not being able to beat the 2.53 ghz P4... yeah right... i'm a software programmer, and 90% of the time i feel like even the P3 can outperform the P4 on many things.
  7. Nonsense, the graphics card article proved even the 3.06GHZ can be whooped if used with DDR333 CAS2. This user does not look like he will buy an RDRAM setup, therefore the nForce2 with XP2600 will win over the 2.53GHZ.

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  8. Right Toe Governor!!!
    I already have 1 gig of ddr 2100 crucial 2.5.
    This ram has been fairly clockable.
    However, the jury is still out on the MB and CPU.
    As I said, the A7n8x is my heavy front runner.............
    Please advise?? "Is there anybody out there?"
    And, yes I have read several other similar posts/threads.
    I may get this board and a XP 2200, but probalbly 2400???
    This would be until and or a Later Barton beast is needed.
    Which is the best path (fellow OC hobbits)?
  9. Sorry I'm not a forum veteran, but here is the way I see it:

    You have two options. You either:

    1. Buy an nForce2 right NOW and skimp on the proc (like a 1600+, only $52). In about 5-7 months, you upgrade to a Barton. OR...

    2. You put all your chips in right now, and buy a 2600+ or unlocked 2400. This won't come dirt cheap, and if you're trying to save money, you can basically forget about upgrading until we see mature Hammers.

    So those are your choices. If you're going cheap and want to gear up for Doom3 later, go for route 1. If you want to play U2K3 right NOW, go for option 2.

    If it were me building a rig from scratch, I'd go for route 1, with maybe a 2000+ or 2100, then grab a Barton at about 3200+ in maybe 7-9 months. You save about $150 off the bat by not splurging on the 2600, you don't have to get an add in sound card, and you can probably spring for a Geforce FX and that nice Barton later. But if you have "aggressive air cooling" already at your disposal, you can probably get some really badass performance out of a 2600 and not have to upgrade in 6 months.

    Short answer: I wouldn't spend the extra cash to get a 2400; be happy with a 2000 for now and you shiny new Barton later.
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