Mobile AMD Athlon vs Mobile Intel 4

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I was looking at buying a laptop and was wondering if there are any issues with the mobile AMD processor. I know the desktop AMD processors run a bit hot, and was concerned about their mobiles running the same way. I'm also wondering about performance issues as well. If you all could be so kind as to inform me of anything I should be aware of, I'd really appreciate it.

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  1. i'm pretty sure in the mobile market intel is the way to go mainly because of battery life.

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  2. a P3 crush most of any AMd offering in the mobile market the VIA chipset for mobile is real slow about 500 MB/S with DDR 2100 vs 1500 MB/S for intel I845D mobile

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  3. **Edit I was wrong**

    The P4 notebooks are often paired with better graphics chipsets but that’s not a rule. Just shop around. Avoid P4 options that are not of the P4M variety as they will have poor battery life.

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  4. Sorry, I’m wrong about the VIA chipset. It does suck. Most AMD XP systems are paired with ATI’s IGM320M witch has respectable performance. Though the 845 does produce the highest performance.

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