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I have an old PC based on intel celeron processor with 128 MB of ram.

Recently, a friend gave me and AMD K6-2 500 CPU with its motherboard. My question is: Would it be a good idea to upgrade my pc to k6-2 500? Is the K6-2 faster than the celeron or it is not much better. I will upgrade only if the k6-2 500 will make a real difference (at least like the celeron 500).

I tried to find a review on the net for k6-2 500 in comparison with celeron but i couldn't find anything. So, can you help me make the decision?
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  1. Well, the K6-2 is comparable to the Pentium2, and i'm assuming the Celeron 500Mhz you have is based on the Pentium 2 Dechutes core. The only real thing to is test both systems and see which one is faster. Keep in mind though, you'll need to switch the motherboard and cpu, as the K6-2 and Pentium 2 aren't socket compatible, the K6-2 is socket 7, and the Pentium2/Celeron is slot 1. I'd try for the K6-2 first, and then the Celeron.

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  2. what speed is the celeron. when i could tell you if it is worth it. also i have a k6-2 550 ill give you if you pay shipping

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  3. My PC is celeron 333 MHz
  4. i think you will se a slight diferance, maybe, depending on the boards features you have and the one for the k6-2, such as ata66 agp speed and fsb speed. the 333 runs at 66fsb and the k6-2 runs at 100fsb so if everything else is equal then you will see a slight differance.

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  5. the old k6-2's are terrible for gaming, 3d apps....with only an upgrade to an athlon will you see a big difference....besides that you wont see but a slight difference
  6. K6-2's had an extremely weak FPU, and were much worse for gaming than even the Celeron at similar speeds. But they did perform well in OFFICE apps (which makes little difference to most of us).

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  7. I owned (still own it, just don't use it) a 500 k6-2 CPU for three years. It was terribly poor for 3d gaming, even when it was brand new. It was definitely good for web surfing (doesn't like intensive Shockwave though) and office apps.

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