Gah Help Me!!!

I currently have a parts built computer.

Parts are:

Intel Pentium 4 2.53ghz "B" stepping
2 Sticks 256MB of Samsung 4200 RDRAM (32bit)
1 Asus P4T533 (RAID) version (new revision of the board 1.03 with active cooling on the Northbridge.)
1 Asus Geforce4 4200 128MB version
1 400watt switching Sparkle Power supply
2 40 gig Maxtor "Slim" raid 2+0
1 Sound Blaster Audigy
1 Dlink 538Tx Nic Card
1 Asus 52x CD-ROM

Drivers are:

Intel Chipset Drivers 4.10.1012
Intel App Accelerators 2.23
NVIDIA Detonator 40.72's WHQL
Sound Blaster Audigy CD drivers (updated to most recent web drivers update)
Windows Update D-Link drivers
MS mouse web drivers 4.1
Asus USB 2.0 web updated driver’s version 2.0
Asus RAID web updated drivers

Windows OS is Windows XP Pro SP1 all patches up to date. Current problems are:

Hardware Setup:

PCIslot4-Sound Blaster Audigy
PCIslot6-D-Link Network card
RAID-2 Maxtor 40gig HDD's in RAID 2+0
Memory is well seated (double checked)
CPU-Pins appear non damaged, sits well in socket, heat-sink fan are secure and properly clamped
ATX, EZplug, and 12v are all connected and snug
All devices less the HDD's are on their own power connectors

Power Supply Rails are as: 12v is 11.93, 3.3 is 3.387,5.0 is 5.26 with no load. 12v is 11.87,3.3 is 3.73, and 5.0 is 5.25 under load. All recorded via ohm meter

1. System will halt every once in a while on the desktop. Regardless of the programs open of the systems usage, the system appears to be locked up but when you Alt Ctr Del the XP menu will come up. The system then will return to normal operations in about 20 to 40 seconds like nothing ever happened. Event log shows nothing unless I rush it and try to log off the machine then I will get software error entries and fault bucket entries in the event log (error logs will consist of any software open at that time).

2. System will hesitate when switching tasks on the desktop, for example MSN Messenger will take 3 to 7 seconds to switch over to the next chat windows, this holds true with browser windows, even software like Office XP word for example. There are instances where it won’t change at all; you have to click several times. Note this only occurs when clicking on the task bar to switch from window to window or task to task. But when Alt Tab is used the switching process is usually flawless.

These two problems make me believe that the hardware is somehow defective. With reason being I have never experienced this with any platform before AMD or Intel based and so far as DDR and RD based either. The only difference with this system from all others I have worked on is 32bit RDRAM. Since I have 3 P4T533-C's running 1.6's over clocked to 2.13 with RD 800(16bit) and none of them have ever caused such things.

Also to be noted I have replaced the motherboard 3 times to get this current revision of the motherboard (active cooling on Northbridge and higher quality power circuits) thus to run the 2.53 more stably. I have also replaced the power supply 3 times with the new one at 400watts (all rails 3.3, 5.0,12 are all good) which makes me rule that out. The video card has run in 3 different machines which draws me from concluding its at fault. The sound card has been in another machine as well run which makes me rule that out as well. Hard drives don’t seem to be to blame as well since they are new and I have had this problem before I purchased them and created a RAID 0 with them. Network card has been interchanged to another machine with no problems. The CPU as well has been placed in the P4T533-C's without any problems as well.

So through my own research I have been left with either the memory or the motherboard. Memory doesn’t strike me too much as being bad since I would have a blue screen every once in a while. But the motherboard is the only constant thing that hasn’t changed other than simply replacement due to RMA.

Well I leave you with this gentleman in hopes that you can bring light to the situation. If you need any other information regarding the system without actually physically having it please don’t hesitate to email me.

Jeremy Dach

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  1. I thought these lockups and stalls were a feature of WinXP? Anyway, I've noticed them also, but sometimes reboot indicates the memory has overheated (by reading it at a smaller size).

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  2. No no no reboots and temp is very good. 32c straight from the heatsink. They are also not real locks ups it comes back after a little bit.


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  3. Bump Im getting this fixed whether you guys wanna help or not.


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  4. You are feeling the love of the P4T533 motherboard known to BSOD at lock up at stock speeds. I went thru 3 P4T533's before I gave up with that board. Many of them are defective out of the box.

    RMA it and hopefully you get a good one back again.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Link to infamous P4T533 thread</A>

    If you need links to my problems with P4T533 I'll be more than happy to dig them up for you.

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  5. Please do.


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  6. Hmmm curious.
    Heres a thing to do, try having taskmanager open and up on the screen while doing stuff, and take note of cpu activity AND kernel cpu activity (the red line). See if anything unusual happens during those periods of "frozen-ness".

    Theres a chance it could be some background task or device/driver conflict going on. who knows?

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