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Upgrading my GTX 460m in my ASUS G73 JW Laptop?

What is the best graphics card i could replace my GTX 460m with? I would like something stronger. I'm not worried about having to take it apart to put it in, I'll take it to the store for that. I got the laptop new for 600$ so I'm not worried about spending a lot of money on it.
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  1. yup 6970 or 580. regardless of that, I'm not sure how possible it is to remove the old GPU
  2. awesome, so a Radeon 6970m or a Geforce 580m?
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    Keep in mind that such modding needs intelligent improvisation to be successful. I may suggest that its better to read up a lot on the subject before attempting or atleast get it done through an experienced laptop modder.

    Good luck! And if at all you decide to take up this project, please do tell us how it goes. There are many others like you who are interested in such mods.

  4. I would just like to add my input. I currently own the G73 with the Radeon 5870M 1GB video card.

    I've taken this laptop apart...and oh man it was a pain in the ass. Took a good solid 6 hours to take it apart, and bring it back together. I didn't even have a video at the time to guide me either (back when it was new).

    I'm not too sure how your thermals will do - as well i would be worried about the power draw from a bigger video card. My G73 actually overheats quite quickly now...and i have to have a big fan on it to prevent it from shutting down while gaming.

    Also I believe the GPU connector is a MXM 3 Version B in the G73 - hope this information helps you out.
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