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I'm going to buy AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (2.0GHz/0.13µm) 266MHz processor. Is ASUS A7V8X (VIA KT400) USB2.0/LAN/AUDIO works well with this CPU? Or maybe there's a better one out there?
I'll only consider those that support DDR 400MHz, thx!
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  1. Get a nForce2 mobo. ASUS A7N8X Deluxe or simple A7N8X is recommended

    Let us know what is the Best Chipset of 2002 in your eye.<A HREF="" target="_new"> Click </A>
  2. Thx for the advice :)
    Well, actually I was considering that ASUS A7N8X too, but I read it somewhere that u need a specific memory type for this mobo...
    I'm not a comp stuff savvy, so mayb I'd need more explanation on this :P
    Can I use KINGSTON 512MB (PC-3200)400MHz DDR SDRAM with this mobo, is it compatible?
    Thx again...
  3. You should be fine. nForce2 is dual channel DDR, meaning you (ideally) should use 2 DIMMS (2x256 instead of 1x512). But I don't think you'd be any worse off in single channel than you would with the Via board.

    Get two 256 DIMMs instead. Get better performance (usually), save some money and rejoice over your fancy new A78NX Deluxe and its spiffy onboard sound.
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