proper testing ??

finished with my 2nd build , xp2100 on a7v8x , 512 corsair pc3200 , gainward gf4 4200 , antec true 430 , 80gb maxtor 7200 , bunch of panaflo fans etc. - the rest all good parts for modest gaming system.
its been through burn-in , now I want to properly test load temps.
so far I ran 3dmark 2001se for 90 minutes (looping)
btw did the benchmark 10,845 ( average I think for this set up )
ran prime 95 for 90 minutes - no errors
ran Sandra burn-in and benchmarks
ran pc mark 2002 many times
ran mem test 86 for 2 hours ( I forgot it was running)
all tests were Pass on everything
this is intended for LOW noise operation so the fans are running at low speed , the antec p/supply has outputs for fan only wwhich are temp controlled.
the normal load temps were 31 c board
54 c cpu
as per MBM 5 and ASUS probe
I think this is Fine but wondering if I should have runs the tests longer ???
btw so far it appears that the kt400 appears to be an alright chipset
please let me know what tests you use and lengh of time
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  1. Benches look good. I haven't gone that far with mine. I'm running the A7V8X, AXP2400, with 512 cs 2 RAM & TI4600 myself. I like the KT400 chip set also.

    Signature, I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
  2. I pretty much just just do two tests:

    1) Run Prime95 over a weekend to ensure that the CPU and memory won't overheat.

    2) Try to run every device possible simultaniously. (I.E. Have it write to all writable devices, read from all readable devices, and run all PCI/onboard devices at the same time that I do a torture test like Prime 95 or 3D Mark.)

    If it can survive the long-term heat test and the short-term massive power usage test, it's good to go in my book.

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