Built new computer, need help

I built a new computer with the following components...
Asus p4533-C mobo, 2.8ghz p4, 512 samsung rambus ram 1066mhz, 80 gig western digital, radeon 9700pro, sound blaster audigy. What the problem is, is when i try to turn on the computer all i get is a low hiss from the power supply (a brand new antec 380watt true power), and nothing at all from the computer. no fans turn on, and no internals do obviously. I have tripled checked all connections and went over the manauls, with no help. If you can help me out, i would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Hmmm... This is basic, but did you set the ps for the appropriate voltage (110 in the US)?

    <font color=red>The solution may be obvious, but I can't see it for the smoke coming off my processor.</font color=red>
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