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Hi all. So now I've decided to just spend way too much
- but maybe buy my way out of problems.
I'm getting older and one of the most important things to me is that stuff just works. Don't wanna spend all weekend configuring Linux anymore when I can get XP. The my question is, if there are any of you who can guide me. Which mobo do I need to get the easiest install and most stable system.

My system will look like this:
P4 3,06 (w/Noise Control Cooler)
Radeon 9700 pro
Chieftec chassi w/ 340W PSU
1 gig dual DDR
2*Seegate Cheetah 36LP 36,7GB 10.000rpm HHD (RAID 0)
ASR-2100S Raid Controller Kit 128MB (160 MB/s)
One OS; XP Home

But I don't find any information on the motherboards
Asus, Gigabyte and Tyan makes E7205 boards but which one should I chose.
My priorities are simple; I want a super system WITH great stability.
If there are any comments about stablility or other problems please let me know. I will make my purchase before new year but I have made mistakes before - and I don't want to use my time on fixing.

Additional information (reused components):
Dell 10/100 WouL network card
Altech Lansing 995 Speakers
Turtle Beach sound card
Dell 19" LCD 1900FP
Philips DVD RW208K
a two year old IBM CD-RW

Pls. give me some qualified motherboard advise so I can get on with it.
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  1. I would upgrade the power supply. You can do the calculation to see if 340 W is enough. I would go with an Enermax or Antec brand and at least 380 W. Be sure to get a good brand.

    MOTHERBOARD: I always use Asus so I can't advise you on other brands. The RDRAM is still the fastest setup for P4, but it is being phased out.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Dual DDR For Pentium 4: Intel E7205 Chipset Put To The Test</A> discusses the new Intel chipset.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">The End User Pays: 13 Boards With Intel 845GE/PE </A> is also an option. It shows an RDRAM setup vs the 845s.

    Let us know how it goes.

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  2. I agree go with a bigger PSU around 400W

    The new DC DDR board are just hitting the US market, I expect you should be able too order one Dec 26'th from a company that has them in stock if you look hard. It is hard to say what company will have the best DDR board but I expect the ones closest to reference design to be exceptionally stable boards.

    Asus, Supermicro, Gigabyte, MSI, Tyan, Iwill, and I think Albatron will have boards available very soon. Gigabyte is the one expected to rise to the top with the extra power features and hopefully bios options for more agressive mempory timing.

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  3. Your choices look pretty good...except for the Radeon card.

    I'd recommend Radeon 9700's (they <i>are</i> the fastest consumer 3D solution, after all), if it wasn't for ATI's legendary crappy driver support. It just doesn't seem wise to put a Radeon 9700 in a system where you want to avoid all problems. A GeForce4 Ti4x00 might be a better choice for stability's sake...

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  4. You've lost your mind.

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  5. Definetly get a bigger PS. Buy from a reputable company.

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  6. Cheers mates!
    Thank you for your advice. I have now ordered the Asus Board and a Antech 430w PSU.
    This is the advantage of being freelance consultant with an IT budget you have to use before years end. So the money is spend - unfortuately I have to wait 3 weeks to get all of my stuff.
    Thanks for the comment about RDRAM but I'l go for the Dual DDR. The 9700 Pro is the only option but I value your comment though!
    Thank you and have a splendid new year
  7. The thing is that the Granite Bay just sucks IMO.
    You're only wasting money on it for cheaper performance. Either Rambus or an i845PE mainboard would've been better.

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  8. Hi mate
    You're right! I think I will change my order and go with the 850E. I can reuse the RDRAM on my work computer later and get the DDR400 when available. It is just that I have to get it all invoiced before 31/12. Please if anyone have comments on how I can make a better system WITHOUT overclocking please share it with me. I just have to make the final order before the end of the year so what I'm looking for is BEST performance right here and now.
  9. Definitly i850E then. You're lucky that you're being offered the money. Otherwise spending hard-earned money on the insanely priced 3.06GHZ would've sounded relatively stupid IMO, and I would've OCed some 2.5GHz instead.

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