Need advice on a new laptop

Looking for a new laptop that can play a decent amount of games and will also be relevant in a year or 3. So far, these seem to be the 2 best deals that I've found. Which one would you pick, or am I missing out on any other great deals? - has the gimped gtx 560m but still a decent deal. - a little cheaper, bigger screen and only a 460m.

I'm new to the whole laptop world so I'm still hesitating as I feel like I might be missing something?

Thoughts, opinions, and advice?
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  1. If you're ok with refurbs. 560 is a slightly overclocked 460, 560 about as good as 470.

    Seeing how the price is almost the same, I'd say go with better hardware. The only big difference is screen size between those two.
  2. Cool, I appreciate the reply. Which would you go with?
  3. as I said above, I'd go with better hardware sacrificing the screen size
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