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Hi. I'm looking for a decent laptop 14-15 inch for around $700-$900 that can play decent games. (starcraft 2 and battlefield 3(if it can handle it) I'm not looking for a desktop since I need portability. I was looking at some of the laptops and I narrowed down to three laptops.

Lenovo Y470

Lenovo Y570

HP DV6t - with 1080p screen and 6770m and i5 or even i7 if it can fit in the budget

I really can't choose which one to get. All three of them have advantages and disadvantages. I put in Y470 because it's very affordable. Also I heard from many websites that 555m in Y570 is just a faster version of 550m. It's not a normal version of 555m found in for example, alienware 14x. I would definitely go with lenovo only if it had 1080p screen, but unfortunately, it doesn't.

I would love to see opinions/suggestions. If you have better deal for this budget range, I would love to see all of them.

By the way, I have a friend that had HP notebook, not really sure which model, but it was around $600, and it was exceptionally loud. He returned it because it was way too loud. Are all HP laptops like this?
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  1. I'm in the same boat as you, I found this and am debating on getting it. Only issue is the 560M isnt the 192 bus, instead it has a toned down 128 bit bus. I've read you can overclock it some to make up for that though?

  2. That's pretty amazing deal for 560m, 1080p, bluray, etc.. But I need portability and that thing is a monster.
    & I thought overclocking a laptop is not a good idea?

    I thought there would be lots of deals for laptops since it's black friday.. But, I can't seem to find a great deal.
  3. y570 is the best deal to date. as far as buying refurbs, it's a matter of how much you trust the reseller to give you a working machine.
  4. What do you mean buy as far as buying refurbs? The laptops in Lenovo's website aren't brand new ones?
  5. & why do you think Y570 is the best deal to date?
  6. why? because it has been for 2 months now.

    lenovos are obviously new. I was replying to the other guy in the thread posting refurbed Asus G series links
  7. I assume you mean me as I was the only other person who posted? The Asus I linked to isnt a refurb.
  8. I thought overclocking a laptop is not a good idea
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  9. overclocking is a risk for return investment. from a pure advisability standpoint, overclocking is a bad idea in general, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done, you just have to understand the possible consequences of the risk you are taking when overclocking. As long as you do that you can overclock a watch for all I care

    I assume you mean me as I was the only other person who posted? The Asus I linked to isnt a refurb.
    you're absolutely right, I apologize. I probably was looking at refurb links for some other thread before and for some reason lumped them all together. sorry.
  10. Rhuidk said:
    & why do you think Y570 is the best deal to date?

    Because you get a GT555M with 128 bit GDDR5 memory GPU in this Y570. With an i5, its a real good deal for sub $700. You could go medium-high in SC2.

    If you think that lack of 1080p is a deal breaker, you have to keep in mind that you wont get a 'portable' laptop with enough GPU power to play games at high settings FullHD. So with 720p resolution you could game all you want at high.

    Compared to that HP, Lenovo doesn't get heated up fast, it has solid chasis, and the screen brightness is better. Fan noise is really a subjective topic.
    The similar things could be said to ASUS models too like the N53 or N55. But I haven't seen them drop in price that much.

    Portability and gaming are always in the opposite ends. Its upto you to decide how much of each character you want the most. Then of course there is the price to consider :D
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