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Iv pretty much decided what am getting, just thought id double check here in case iv missed something, tks.

-Pentium 4 2.53
-Motherboard: Asus P4PE l845PE Firewire, Lan, Sound
-Memory: 1 stick of Corsair 512meg 2700 with heatspreader
-Harddrive: WD Cavier 80meg, 7200, 8meg cache
-Vid Card: Albatron ti4200 turbo
-Case: Thermaltake Xaser II 5000B
-PS: Antec 430 2 fan, low noise.
-Black floppy, black 48-24-48 LG writer
-Speakers: altec lansing 221
-Keyboard: Logitech elite
-Mouse: Logitech MX500
-Monitor: Viewsonic 19 G90FB Black

Around 3000$ CAN or 1950 $ US (Taxes, shipping, insurance included)
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  1. I would go with a Lite On CDRW instead of LG CDRW.
  2. I recommend following things

    -Athlon XP 2400+ (266 MHz FSB) or Athlon XP 2600+ (333 MHz FSB)
    -Motherboard: ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
    -Memory: 2 stick of Corsair 256meg 2700 with heatspreader
    -Vid Card: Radeon 9500 Pro BBA
    -black 48-24-48 LiteOn writer

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  3. Tks for quick reply. See, I didn't go AMD/nforce2 combo for a few reasons.
    1)AMD require heatsinks (noise among other things)
    2)Iv heard nothing but problems with AMD
    3)Nforce 2 requires 2 sticks of DDR. With my budget I could only afford 2 sticks 256meg DDR. This limits my memory upgrading potential. (I would usually buy 512meg sticks)
    4)2600+ AMD is like 70$ US more than a P4 2.53

    I tend to lean towards Nvidia with the mid-range
    cards especially alb turbo which can be clocked to 4600 speeds (I am all for 9700 pro however, minus the price tag).
  4. 1) Strangely enough, intel CPU's require heatsinks too. Its a wierd world aint it?
    AMD stock heatsinks are fine provided you follow the clear instructions, and arnt terrible loud.
    2) AMD instillations are fairly problem free, provided you invest your money in quality parts...same as intel rigs.
    3) Nforce2 doesnt REQUIRE 2 sticks of DDR. It just runs A LITTLE better with two, but not amazingly so. 1 stick of 512mb PC2700 would be good now, and one later for awesom capacity.
    4) Get a XP2400 instead. With a beefy graphics card you wont notice the difference anyway.

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  5. If you don't overclock, stock AMD HSF will be fine. And they are not that noisy.

    You have heard about problems with AMD, but I am still to find problem in my and my friends' AMD systems.

    You can use one 512 MB memory module now, and later add another 512 MB.

    AXP 2400+ with nForce2 will be faster than P4 2.53 GHz + i845PE. AXP 2600+ (333 MHz FSB) will outperform 2.8 GHz P4 + i845PE. Have you gone through the latest Tom's VGA Chart? There AXP 2700+ with nForce2 outperforms P4 3.06 GHz with i845PE. So if you want a system faster than P4 2.53 GHz + i845PE, then AXP 2400+ and nForce2 is enough. You don't need 2600+

    Your selected Ti4200 can clocked to Ti4600 speeds, but R9500 Pro at stock beats Ti4600 in many benchmarks and 2x faster than Ti4600 with Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering turned on. R9500 Pro is going to perform better than future games that will us DX9 fully. And not to say, you can also overclock a R9500 Pro to have more fps or better 3D Mark

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  6. I've had 3 different AMD processors from multiple generations of chips... and all have performed perfectly for at least 3+ years (and still work). I just bought an 1800+ and it works great too with the included HSF... The problem isnt AMD, its the person installing the AMD products...
  7. Tks for all the advice. By Intel not needing heatsinks, I meant I won't have to buy one, the stock heatsink is good enough. Iv decided to get 9500 pro since iv posted a couple places and they all say the same thing. Still thinking on AMD...
  8. Dude.....of course ur Intel CPU comes with a Heatsink..its retail....

    AMD Retail chips ALSO come with a Heatsink and fan just like the retial Intel's do........
    You've definently been misinformed..

    as for 2 sticks.....ur P4 board is also a Dual channel DDR board which needs 2x sticks of DDR for optimum performance....unless im mistaken..but the nForce2 does NOT need 2 worst just fine with 1....but for OPTIMUM performance 2x sticks r u get the 2400+ OEM save a few bucks there and get a Volacno 7+ Heatsink and fan and u can run it stock if u want but u can also raise the FSB or adjust the multiplier (Copenhagen just was [-peep-] out of luck with his setup...) but most people r able to OC...and FSB OC'ing is better anyways as u get even more memory bandwidth.....anyways.....ur better off with the AMD....the board has ASUS C.O.P. protection so it wont overheat......just do a little more digging and ull see.......

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Tom's VGA Charts</A>

    As u can see the 2700+ with the ASUS A7N8X board outperforms the P4 2306 w/HT in just abotu every benchmark...a 2400+ would not be much different in comparison to a 2.66Ghz P4 at stock speeds Vs a 2400+ at stock if u raise the FSB on the 2400+ and get even 400Mhz more out of the chip...ull be surpasing 2800+ AXP speeds so expect ur results to be even better than that of the 2700+ based system used on Toms VGA Charts....

    Anyways u get the idea....u decide....have fun.....and do some more reading cuz i think uve been misinformed about AMD =)

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  9. No need to think. If you are buying DDR memory, then AXP is the best buy.

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  10. Just my 2 cents. I have 10 AMD systems running here a single K6-2 500Mhz a couple of duron 600Mhz at 700Mhz 4 T-Birds 1.13gig 1.2gig 1.33gig and 1.4gig an XP 1800 and 2 XP 2100`s and all are 100% rock stable. And with the retail stock HSF`s on the XP`s they are whisper quiet. The seagate 20gig hard drives in them are louder. So there is no problems at all with AMD CPU`s on stability noise and heat at all. Go for the AMD and you wont regret it.
  11. Person, after person is telling me to get AMD and so, I will considering I don't know that much about cpu's.

    Am gonna sacrifice my sound card to get a higher processer.(AMD 2600+ with 333fsb). Hopefully the on-board sound from is decent. Thanks everyone.

    How's this?

    -AMD Athlon 2600+ 256k 333fsb
    -Volcano 9 heatsink
    -Motherboard: Asus A7N8X socketed nforce2 (non-deluxe)
    -Memory: 2 dimms of Corsair 256meg DDR-3200 / heatspread.
    -Harddrive: WD Cavier 80meg, 7200, 8meg cache
    -Vid Card: ATI Radeon 9500 pro
    -Case: Thermaltake Xaser II 5000B
    -PS: Antec 430 2 fan, low noise.
    -Black floppy, black 48-24-48 LG writer
    -Speakers: altec lansing 221
    -Keyboard: Logitech elite
    -Mouse: Logitech MX500
    -Monitor: Viewsonic 19 G90FB Black

    By they way should I get 3200 dimms or 2700? By the way with Thermaltake case and heatsink (7 fans with PS) what kind of overclocking potential is there?
  12. Now it's a great setup except the CD-RW. Get LiteOn. Many people in this forum use LiteOn CD-RW's (including me) and everybody is very satisfied with them.

    If you plan to overclock or upgrade to 400 MHz FSB Barton CPU's, then get PC3200/PC3500. Otherwise buy PC2700 CL2 and save money

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  13. The sound is different on the non-Deluxe version. Go ahead and get the Deluxe.

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  14. Looks sweet. But as spitfire said get the Lite-ON writer. It should be better quality than the LG and you can get the black front Lite-ON`s too if you are worried about that. I have a Lite-ON and I have NOTHING but praise for it. It is the best writer I have ever had the pleasure of using. Also I have heard reports that the sound of the NForce 2 is very good. You are building my dream machine. Now I want one. :)
  15. BTW I would go for the 3200 RAM or maybe even 3500 just for the sake of future upgradibility. But still 2700 will do fine if you dont plan to overclock.
  16. Lite-on writer defiantly, and I think for now all you will need will be 512mb of pc3200.

    one day, intel'ers will see the errors of there ways...
  17. You've made some excellent hardware choices. But your total price seems a little high. I was looking at a similar settup, without the speakers, keyboard, mouse, or monitor, for around $1000 U.S. Hard to believe those parts cost that much.

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  18. if the 2700+ beat the p4 3.06 HT in all those bench's.... would the Xp2800+ really kick it's a$$?

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  19. You mean <A HREF="" target="_new">THESE BENCHMARKS, WHICH SHOW THE P4 2.53 RAPING THE XP2800+?</A>

    Or ones like <A HREF="" target="_new">These, that show the P4 2.8 only slightly above the 2800+</A>.

    You can spin numbers any way you want, as long as you're a troll, Dr. Troll.

    BTW, the A7N8X is one sweet board, though, isn't it?

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  20. haha, the amd systems r verry stable and fast indeed, do u believe, an amd 1800+(kt266a) with 256 mb ddr 2100 samsung, beeting with a 20% margin a P4 1.9ghz(845glad) with the same memory? its faster in everything, even while using windows xp, there is a big big difference between the two, so indeed the xp rule. Here in lebanon they don't now a lot about overclocking a cpu, so if it get fried, u will have a new one for free hehe, from 6 monthes ive overcklocked my xp1800+(1.53ghz) with its retail fan, just to try, to ~~1.95mhz, believe me, it worked but after 5 min of benchmarks, the all system fried, the cpu, the motherboard, the rams and even the power suply, don't now why all these parts fried(also the cpu should have fried), but having the garentee, i got a new system for free, and a kt266a motherboard instead of an sis based motherboard, hehe, lebanon is good for overcklockers, the technitian thought that the motherboard had some error production, hihihihi, foooooooooolllllll.
    But belieave me AMD is the best platform for u, and for good price, get the ati9500, its a great card indeed, ive also overclocked my gf3 ti 200 and its faster than the ti 500, hehe.
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