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Inspiron 8500 and Windows 2000 Professional

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November 30, 2004 4:53:49 PM

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I saw some articles about Inspiron 8500 running W2K, anybody having
success with this configuration? I tried all version of the NSS (Dell
Notebook System Software) none of them works, says "This computer does
not support this operating system"... ??
Also have a port replicator, it happens that the internal CDR/DVD is
not recognized if the system boots while connected to the replicator.
But works well if boot while disconnected and then connect it once
it's running. Weird.
Lastly, USB and PCI stuff does not seem to be properly installed
(according to the device manager at least) but I have USB devices
working propelry with it, attached to the replicator.
Last issue, COM-port on the replicator does not work either - all
seems to point out the fact that the NSS needs to run - but it

Machine runs W2K/SP4, Firmware A06.
December 11, 2004 6:56:20 PM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

So I gave another try to this W2K on the Inspiron8500: clean-boot from
W2K CD and reformat the HD, no SP installed. Then, I successfully
installed the Intel chip-set driver (from Next the
setup of the Notebook System Software, NSS version A017 (the latest I
found). The progress bar runs all the way to the right, then after a
few moments a dialog box opens that says "This computer does not
support this operating system". I then tried to run the setup in silent
mode, via command-line and -S switch (according to the readme.txt).
Setup still doesn't work but it generates a log-file:
[Installshield silent]
File=Log File
In other words, it still doesn't work. I understand that w/o having the
NSS installed, the computer is useless, in essence.
My Inspiron says Model#PP02X - maybe there are different verions of
Inspiron 8500, some of them can handle the NSS others can't...