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Hi guys, my first post here, as extemetech is down. :(

Ok, i'm considering an upgrade from a P3 450 to a athlon xp 2000+, a abit nf7-s, 256 mb of corsair ram. How's this going to be? Graphics is handled by a second hand Geforce 3 by leadtek. Should i get a new case, specifically, a HEC 6AU6B? I live in singapore, so don't be appaled by what i'm choosing. Hardware's on the expensive side here, with dumb retailers selling a geforce3 ti500 for more than a geforce 4 ti4200. :( And, go up the ram to 2 sticks of 256 corsair pc2700 ram, in a another month or so? Hard disk will be one of the western digital's JB, capacity undecided as yet.
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  1. Good upgrade.

    Buy ASUS A7N8X instead of Abit NF7-S

    For HDD, buy WD's JB. IMO, 80 GB is enough.

    PC2700 CL2 RAM is fine for upgrading to 333 MHz FSB AXP's. But for Barton, if it comes with 400 MHz FSB, PC3200/PC3500 will be better

    Let us know what is the Best Chipset of 2002 in your eye.<A HREF="" target="_new"> Click </A>
  2. if you plan on overclocking get the Epox 8RDA best nforce mobo out at the moment and get a t-bred or AGOGIA stepping chip. dont get the 2000+ wont overclock and cant drop the multi.

    i some serious help <
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