Heat Increase!

Hey fellas Happy Holidays! I have a problem. My CPU temp all of a sudden went up and i have no idea wats causing it. it started two days ago. it never used to reach 55c-57c before. it was always low below 50c overclocked. room temp seems the same. I put new arctic silver on to see if that was the problem but its not. i even lowered the vcore to 1.725v The most recent thing i did was upgrade to dirext x 9 and catalyst 2.5 but that couldnt be it rite?

AXP 1600+@2000+ (unlocked 12.5x133)
Volcano 9 @ 4000rpm
MSI KT3 Ultra
Radeon 8500LE 300/650 Catalyst 2.5
256pc2100 ddr Crucial
WinXP Pro SP1
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  1. Did you flash the bios? That can cause a change in readings sometimes. If your system is stable, I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. Too much time is spent worrying about temps. If it's stable don't worry about it. Keep monitoring it for a while though.

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  3. i found out what the problem was. the new version of pc alert 4 was buggy it was reading 7c higher than it was supposed to. i didnt flash the bios and yes it was stable. i guess temp really doesnt matter as long as everything is stable. thanx for replying.
  4. Hehe, my system runs at 56 when idle, and goes up to 70 under work.

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  5. flamethrower does it get hot in your room? with those temps my pc will work as a heater. lol
  6. My Stock AXP 2000+ runs at 39c idle, and thats only with a crappy £10 coolermaster hsf! But then again I do have two casefans...
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