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Thank you for all the response to the post I started about "your
opinion about all the TCG you tested."
Some of you change a bite the subject and shift to "what is the best
multiplayer game" but still I enjoy to read all your talk about the
game you love/hate ! I think there is no answer to this last topics,
it is too subjectif.

From what I have read here is my conclusion :

1/the good games :
shadowfist (I have to try) , guardians (I bought a couple of cheap box
and I will try) and vampire (only in multiplayer!!Have lots of cards
and love the game and this multiplayer/cross table/ghotic atmosphere)

2/some games which are good but i have never seen:
ophidian 2050, firestorm

3/the game that most of the people like but have some problems:
magic ($$), netrunner(most of you have problem with the balance of the
game), 7th sea , illuminaty(too much text), tomb raider(too many

4/the game with the hate / love effect ( some of you like these , some
of you don't):
rage (fast, rush and beautiful but limited), game of throne (for the
book background), harry potter (for the young), doomtown (new poker

5/the other.... well, you can try it but some of them are really

There were 2 answer which send me to 2 interesting site about tcg :
The first one give the possibility to test moste of the tcg on your
computer and the second one is an awesome review of all the tcg.

one more time, thanks a lot!
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    On 14 Jun 2004 23:02:42 -0700, cure wrote:

    >From what I have read here is my conclusion :

    Good thread and good summary. For another angle on this, here's the
    list of current top-sellers from the latest Scrye.

    1. Magic: The Gathering
    2. Yu-Gi-Oh!
    3. Duel Masters
    4. Lord of the Rings
    5. Dragon Ball Z
    6. Yu Yu Hakusho
    7. Pokémon
    8. Marvel Vs
    9. Legend of the Five Rings
    10. Star Wars (the WotC one I suppose)

    They also list the top selling collectable miniatures:

    1. HeroClix
    2. D&D
    3. Mage Knight
    4. MechWarrior
    5. MLB Sportsclix

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    it is indeed interesting to compare the 2 lists (the one from the post
    and the one from scrye.
    I have the filling that the one from the post is mainly coming from
    people above 20 and by the way doesn't include all the TCG which
    target the young tcg player. And the other hand, I would like to see
    this young player in 10 years and ask them what there are playing
    now.... it will be probably the tcg from our list!!!!

    In fact I always have the filling that scrye is not a magazine for me.
    It targets too much the games with high merchandising and big sale,
    but I am looking only for the good game and it is why reading some tcg
    forum is better.

    It is also clear than some games of the scrye list are bad games from
    the conclusion of the people who tryed them!!!!!
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