Stipped Lines Across Screen & Freeze?

I have an HP Pavillion DV6911US. I will be using it, and at random, the screen is covered with distorted Diagnol lines going across the screen, and i have to turn it off and back on. here is a pic:
I have tried Re-installing the operating system, no viruses was on the system, i checked with norton, microsoft security essentials, Malware Bytes, the whole nine-yards. I even went through power, display, graphic settings, but to no avail. It dont have to be graphic intense, just simple web browsing.

Any ideas on how to fix it, or what it could be...... i'm afraid it's the integrated Graphic Chipset, but hope it's not. I ran memtest86 and a harddrive check but they both say that they are fine. If it is the graphic chipset, can it be fixed? thanks

Specs Are:
Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit
AMD Turion X2 Mobile 2.0ghz
3.0gb Ram
200GB Harddrive
Nvidia 7150m Go (i have tried updated drivers too, it dont work)
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  1. It really looks like a graphics problem, check to see if there are any updates for your graphics drivers, or if you are still covered by warranty, make a claim.
  2. I would guess it's the GPU, does this happen when the pc is idle or is there a specific program that makes this happen?
  3. Connect it to an external monitor. If it works, then just replace the lcd panel. If it doesn't then hope you got a warranty claim.
  4. garrick said:
    I would guess it's the GPU

    Assuming you've cleaned all the dirt and dust our from the fan and the heat sink (best done by removing the fan motor), all drivers up to date, memory and hdd checked out ok, you might find, like I have, that the GPU (Graphics processor) is overheating. Acer and some others use a pad to conduct the heat from the GPU to the heat sink. This either seems to shrink or dry over time and then does not take the heat away from the GPU. After about 45 mins in my case the screen would stripe and the computer most times would freeze.

    There are copper shims available to replace the pad, and reassemble the heat sink on to the processor and GPU using fresh thermopath and you’ll hopefully have a fully working laptop again! I found the shim for £1.50 on a well known auction site and Maplins sell the thermopath for £2.99.

    I searched and search for this solution, which was tucked away in a thread on another forum somewhere, so thanks to the OP, but wanted to repost this to hopefully help someone else out.
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