How do I determine if a modem is hardware based?

If a modem can be used under DOS does that mean it's a hardware based modem? Thanks for the info.
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  1. With 99% certainty, yes.

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  2. If it works under Linux there's a good chance it's hardware as well. To my knowledge most, if not all, winmodems won't run under Linux.

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  3. Winmodems (software) usually runs only in windows.

    If your modem is an external or an isa then its hardware based (if i remember correctly).

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  4. It is a PCMCIA modem.
  5. PCMCIA is a different story. Not sure if the "hardware based" vs. "software based" distinction would apply. You should have said that in the beginning. What type of latop is it? If you're running a 33.6 modem with an older laptop no wonder you're having excrutiatingly slow surfing performance.

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  6. PCMCIA modems are generally hw based. Atleast everyone I sold and installed worked in Linux and windows

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