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I have a Dell Vostro 3350 laptop and would like to upgrade the RAM. I would like to get the fastest kit available that the laptop will support, but I don't know if the motherboard will support memory faster than 1333MHz. Ideally I am looking at a 1600MHz kit with latencies of 9, but if that doesn't work I'm almost positive a kit at 1333MHz with latencies of 9 will work.

Ideal upgrade:

Second choice:

Can anyone confirm whether or not the Vostro 3350 will support the kit at 1600MHz?

Other thoughts: is it worth paying nearly twice as much for the slight increase in frequency? Will I ever see practical benefits from it?
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    To check the compatibility of ram, go to the ram vendor's web site and access their configurator. Enter your pc model, and you should get a list of compatible ram kits.

    That said, you will see negligible difference in performance with faster ram. The better reason to upgrade is to increase the amount of ram.

    If you want a performance boost on a laptop, change the hard drive to a SSD. It will be like magic.
  2. On the bottom of your laptop there is a sticker with a service tag number on it , take that number and go to the Dell site and enter it into the support section where they have a tab for Dell owned products and it weill tell you what is in your laptop and what you can upgrade to.
    In the laptops bios does it have an option for enabling the XMP profile for the ram ? Just a shot in the dark to see if by some chance you have that option.
    As geofelt said you will not notice any difference in more or faster ram but you will if you change the hdd to a SSD. The only problem with doing that with a laptop is that you only have the one drive and you will have to get a fairly large SSD (306gb or 480gb) or you will quickly run out of space.Unless you get an external hdd or convert your current hdd to an external.
  3. OK, thanks guys . I actually already have a SSD, I'm just looking to upgrade a little more. Especially using Firefox I find myself using up to half my available RAM (4GB total) just in normal activity. Looks like I will get the 1333MHz kit since I know that it is compatible, I'll just wait for a good deal. Thanks again!
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