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Which is the best laptop for architect's use? Pls suggest a gud model
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    A lot of pepole in the creative businesses seem to prefer Apple Macs so go to the Apple store and take your pick form their Powerbook range. It will cost a lot more but last a lot longer, be easier to use, have cheaper and more easily upgradeable Operating Systems but will fit in with all the other architects and students you're likely to meet.

    Sorry - they call them Airbooks now
  2. ^LMFAO, dont get an BadApple Crapintosh
    Most architect software wouldn't run on macOS and you would be spending rediculous amounts of money buying software to do the job. Apple is a really expensive way to go. Any windows 7 laptop with a core i5 cpu will do the job. I have been to lot of architect/builders installing/maintaining their wide format printers and i have never seen an Apple computer in one of them. Apple are for graphic design people that have received apple propaganda from their teachers. It wont last any longer as suggested above, and its not easier to use at all.

  3. As usual, here are as many opinions as there are people to ask. However, those who can't use the manufacturer's name properly are generally showing their bias.

    If I was showing mine, I would have said "any old laptop with a decent Linux system in it". :D

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