Radeon 8500 or Geforce 4 Ti200?

Okay, I really appreicate all the help and advice I recieved on my earlier question, and in that everyone pointed me towards a Radeon 8500. It turns out I'll have just a few more dollars to spend, and will be able to get a Geforce4 Ti200 if I want. So what I want to know is which would be better?
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  1. the geforce 4
  2. The GeForce 4. It´s a bit faster and has alot of overclocking-potential.

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  3. GeForce4 Ti4200

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  4. The ti4200 is a better card, but the 8500 may be the better value considering the price.

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  5. go for the ti4200 just got my msi board on recommendation on here and im quite surprised with its ability to be overclocked..and it runs gta3 lovely:)
  6. Go with the GF4 unless you want to save a few extra dollars. But I my opinion, the few extra dollars would be worth it.

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  7. another vote for Ti 4200, its amazing.

    i'm not going on someone else's advice here, i own a Ti 4200 and have used a Radeon 8500 extensively on a computer at school. the Ti 4200 is considerably faster and also overclocks well.

  8. If the Ti4100 was announced today at a 35% savings over the Ti4200 but was 20% slower would you buy it? That's the question. Oh yeah and say there was a driver reliability issue which favored the 4200 and a video out issue which favored the 4100, issues which were secondary to the price and the performance. Opinions on the percentages are welcome. Not trying to be right, just trying to direct traffic.

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  9. You are right on in your directions. I chose the 8500LE to replace the MX2 200 in my AMD650, PowerColor MB, 256MB PC-133 to play Age of Mythology, MW4, MW4BK & DiabloIIE. I was having frame rate problems with AOM and wasn't sure if it was cpu or gpu that was at fault. The 8500LE took care of these problems pronto. MW4 is noticeably better with the 8500LE, both front and rear views. I didn't see any difference in DiabloIIE. I got the 8500LE for $71 and the cheapest 4200 was $110. The latter isn't 55% better. I am saving the $39 towards a NV30 class card when I build a new rig later.
  10. I'd go with the 8500, it supports more features, has better TV-Out, and is very comparable in performance to the Ti4200.

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  11. take the 8500LE, it's a lot cheaper then the Ti4200

    Just bought the 8500LE for €130.
    The Ti4200 costs €220~€290.

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  12. Thanks for all the advice everybody... I've actually already purchased a Geforce Ti 4200 from newegg.com. Wasn't a bad deal, and am very happy with it so far. Thanks again for all the help.
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