Getting rid of all the nag!?

I've just installed Windows 7.. coming from Windows Xp which I had got quite comfortable with.. a few things are driving me around the bend as I try and get things all set up.

1-I don't necessarily want to put the alerts all the way to off, but with them at the second lowest option it bugs me to confirm that I want to run certain programs every single time I launch them (noticed it especially with Everything). Is that a bug or business as usual? I may just have to turn those alerts off completely...

2-it won't let me delete a number of files on an old drive I'm trying to move things around on. It says I require administrator priveleges to delete it and then deletes the files but not the folders. when i try and delete the individual folders it says i need to be an administrator to do so.. well.. I am the administrator! Is there a way to just have it do what I ask it to without saying I have to be administrator when I already am?

There are other similar things bugging me but can't think of any specifically right now.
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  1. Your default account in Windows 7 is NOT Administrator. To gain admin-level access to any file, folder or program, you need to right click, open Properties, Compatibility, and select Run as Administrator.
  2. i would consider the computer asking me if i want to run 2 programs on startup every single time i start up pretty naggy. seriously.. that wouldn't piss you guys off? there should be a 'don't ask me about this program again' option or it should just be built in. I would definitely prefer to have some kind of protection there, that's why i posted here instead of just turning it off.

    there's one user in the user configuration and it's me and it says administrator under it... who else is the administrator?
  3. here's a screenshot.. does this not look a bit funny?
  4. Hello cutcopypaste

    1) I would not disable UAC, period. It might prevent you from getting into a lot of trouble if you do not allow a virus to run. I agree it gets sort of automatic to click "yes", but that is when you run something. If you get a UAC prompt and you did nothing, you should be suspicious

    2) That leads to your other problem: you are getting UAC prompts for programs that are scheduled to run at startup, and that is annoying and can condition you to click yes at the wrong time. What you need to do is to go to Scheduled Tasks and determine which program(s) is(are) generating the prompt. Then you set that program to run as Administrator for all users. It should solve it

    3) Regarding you not being able to delete folders, you might not have ownership of the folder. You can change that with a right click and going to properties.
    Now, depending on the folder, you shouldn't do it. Some systme generated folders in Win7 are different then what they were in XP or Vista. Some of them look like folders but are shortcuts, depending on where you are (e.g. My Documents or My Pictures). In short, if you are thinking of deleting one of the Windows 7 folders, don't do it.
  5. thanks! i figured out the ownership thing with the google.. and the program launching i got some workaround from their official site using task scheduler... just selecting 'run as administrator' would be much less convoluted, though, so I will see if that works!
  6. the 'run as administrator' thing doesn't seem to do anything.. (under properties -> compatability, right?)
    and it's popping up confirmations for progs every time 7zip, teracopy, and probably other programs i've yet tried try to do ANYTHING.. really annoying. There has to be some way to get this?

    I should clarify: this happens not when I run a shortcut or the program itself, but when I try to open a file set to open with those programs.
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