Gforce4 Lockup nitemares.

Recently I purchased an MSI GeForce4 4400 vid card and as of late I've been getting some nasty lockups after about 2-3 minutes when playing a direct3D(openGL works fine) game. At first I thought it might be the OS(XP pro) or the drivers, so I just did a wipe and reinstalled the OS....still the same thing. I took a look at the event log and prior the lockup(complete system) it showed many "nv" service errors with all kinds of strange bit errors. Just to rule out that the card wasn't faulty I dropped another HD on my system with a clean install of Win2k SP3 and it seemed to work fine. So I took XP pro off the machine and installed XP home and now the system seems stable, except for one lockup last night with the same errors in the event log and it happened after about 4 hours of running BF-1942, I rebooted the system and had no other other problems. I can pretty much bet that if I got that one error once it'll show itself again(and hopefully not get worse). Looking on the MSI boards, everyone's answer is either "bad power supply or RMA the card". I think it might be something else. Here's my system info:
P4 2.0a
512 DDR 266 RAM
ECS L4S8A MOBO(SiS 648) using onboard NIC & Sound
WinXP Home SP1
MSI GeForce4 Ti 4400
Nvidia XP drivers 41.09
DirectX 8.1b
350w PSU
If anyone has experienced or any ideas as to what might cause this please let me know if theres a fix or should I RMA the card.
Thanks for any help and have a safe and happy new year all!
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  1. My folk's pc has that same card, and when i play UT2003, It locks minutes after i start a match, in the UT 2003 threads there are others that have experienced the same deal, the reply that epic games gave to the posters of the threads was to UNDERCLOCK thier cards, even if the cards are running at default values. Hard as that may be for you, it might be worth it to try if you really love that game that you are playing(I know that I do)..BTW, what is the .ns memory rating of the card that you have?

    Craig M
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