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Hello to you all. I bought a 7va gigabyte mother board with
via KT400 chipset AGP X8...

I got a Gainward GeForce 4ti 4200 64mb.
The problem: No matter what Graphic driver I install my AGP is set to X2 eventhough my card is X4.
I tried to reinstalling the VIA 4in1 drivers and nothing would change. I think its because windows ( XP pro ) is automaticly installing the old drivers without asking me
so another Q: how do i make windows XP pro stop automaticly installing old drivers without asking me
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  1. The drivers for the Motherboard/Chipset? Installing the Via 4in1 should just overwrite those. Go to device manager to check what drivers are being used for the devices under "System devices" if any of those have a driver manufactered by Via then the drivers are installing. Try updating your BIOS, Gigiabyte usually includes a program that makes this pretty easy.

    Hope this helps,

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  2. I tried and every time i uninstall the old via drivers on windows startup ,windows is installing witout asking me the old ones
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