Cannot enter bios setting on my LG laptop

I Cannot enter bios setting on my LG laptop (A310) nor it starts further. and I couldnot boot if form os CD . the message on the bottom left corner of the screen F2: Enter setup F10:popup Menu is displayed and the screen remains stationary at this point. Plz help me to solve this problem
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  1. Hello Prasadjeetrai;

    Only a repair technician will be able to figure out what is wrong with your laptop.
  2. so when you press F2 is does nothing.....?

    try using an external keyboard..
    try removing Hard drive and see how it boots..
    also, take out battery and disconnect A/C adapter and hold power button for 30 seconds.. then reinsert A/C Adapter and see how it boots.

    please report status of each method
  3. Off topic, but I never knew LP made laptops lol.
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