Ati 9700 (Pro?) or 9500 Pro for AMD 1400?

Hello there!

I have an Athlon 1400B on a KT133 board, 512 SDRam and a GF2 Ti 64MB.
I 'm thinking of a video card upgrade, perhaps you can help me...

Is the 9700 or the Pro version worth it or would my CPU hold the card back so that it would be wiser to get a 9500Pro?
How many frames faster would be the 9700 (pro or not) than the 9500pro on such a system?

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  1. if you're going to upgrade in the near future (in 6 months or so) then go for the 9700PRO, think ahead and see what your wallet can support. if the nVIDIA FX or something comes out the prices for the ATI cards will drop, not sure if it's going to be a lot but might save a few bucks just by waiting and see.

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  2. I would get the 9500Pro and put the extra money towards a new mobo and CPU. If you get the 9700 Pro the CPU will be a major bottle neck and even with the 9500Pro a XP-1400 will be a bit of a bottle neck.

    Also I have read a few reviews on overclocking the 9500Pro, and it does very nicely.

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