HP Laptop w/ i3 2330m and 6770 or Asus Laptop w/ i5 2430m and 540m

Which one would preform better in games? The i3 is a HP laptop and the i5 is an asus, so im kind of leaning towards Asus. I don't do much photoshop, and occasionally I do video rendering (1080p videos.)

The rest of the specs are basically the same.

640 GB 5400 RPM HD
6 GB of Ram
15.6 Screen
1366 x 768 Resolution

The i3 is clocked @ 2.2 Ghz
and the i5 is clocked @ 2.4 Ghz with 3.0GHz Turbo frequency

The Asus one doesn't have many extra features. The HP one has a fingerprint reader which I used before which is pretty cool, but honestly not nessecary. Two USB 3.0 ports, and Beats Audio.


HP (customized to have a 6770m)

In terms of looks they both honestly look pretty good.
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  1. Anything with the HD 6770M will do better in games.
    CPU doesn't make as much difference as much as the better graphics card does. .

    Either CPU will do all the rest of the things you mention.
  2. For gaming 6770M is the better.
    There is no comparison at all between that and the 540M.
  3. Thanks everyone, I will most likely get the HP because of the 6770m and all the other bells and whistles that the Asus doesn't have.
  4. What's the price on the HP you're looking at?
  5. WR2 said:
    What's the price on the HP you're looking at?

    The price of the HP is $630
  6. It's a great price for a HD 6770 equipped laptop.
  7. It sure is :)
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