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Any info/insight into the new GF4 Ti4800 8x AGP?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 3, 2003 12:58:46 AM

I noticed new 8x GF4 Ti4800 video cards beginning to hit the market. Basically looks like a Ti4600 with an 8x AGP interface.
Does anyone have any information concerning this new card or its capabilities compared to the Ti4600?
I've noticed that the chipset was code-named NV28, instead of the NV25 for most Ti4600 cards.
I'm planning an upgrade to a new mobo/CPU next week, and I'm buying an 8x AGP capable mobo, so it only makes sense to fit it with a 8x card.

Thanks in advance..
January 3, 2003 4:37:21 AM

You said it already.... Its a Marketing scam...... It is EXACTLY the same as a 4600 but with 8x support. Thats it.

Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
January 3, 2003 4:39:18 AM

Just thought I would add that the 4800's aren't supposed to get shipped to the US, they ware suposidly keeping the name 4600 8X in the US, but in other places I think they are getting away with the 4800 name.

Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
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January 3, 2003 8:52:16 AM

This is pretty much what I'm discovering. I've been searching for info, and I'm not turning up much. If you run across any articles or tests/benchmarks comparing the 4X model to the 8X model, please post a link here if you can.
Thanks for taking the time to reply. Appreciate it..

January 3, 2003 8:59:50 AM


Thanks for replying. I'm not an ATI fan, so I'll be buying a Ti4600 or Ti4400 card for my new system. The prices on these cards have already fallen to the point where I consider them "fairly-priced". No, I won't be waiting for the nVidiaFX cards due out in the future.

Thanks for your opinions.

January 3, 2003 2:04:56 PM

It is EXACTLY the same as a 4600 but with 8x support.

not "exactly" the same. Besides supporting AGP 8x (which doesn't give it any performance boost at the moment) the 8x version also includes faster RAM which wasn't available at the moment the GF4 Ti4600 hit the market last year...
January 3, 2003 11:17:34 PM

I thought I'd post this helpful article on some of the nVidia Ti AGP 8X marketing strategies.
At this time, there are basically 3 different Ti/8X cards hitting the market.
Ti 4200 8x
Ti 4800SE 8x (acutally a Ti4400 at 8x)
Ti4800 8x (Ti4600 at 8x)
Gotta be careful these days when shopping for ANYTHING in computers!

January 3, 2003 11:49:03 PM

Hey, you don't need to be an ATI fan to buy an ATI card. I also used to like nVidia cards more than ATI cards, 'cause I have good experience with nVidia cards and no experience with ATI cards. But at this time, nVidia definately doesn't have a better solution.

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January 4, 2003 12:11:39 AM

Just better drivers from the sound of things around here.

Signature, I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
January 4, 2003 1:06:51 AM

I'm not an ATI fan, so I'll be buying a Ti4600 or Ti4400 card for my new system.

If you get a 9500 Pro, 9700, or 9700 Pro you will become an ATI fan. Trust me.

To start press any key. Where's the "any" key? --Homer Simpson.
January 4, 2003 1:48:27 AM

Thanks for the replies and sharing your opinions. We all know the 9700 pro is the fastest and most powerful card out on the market. This will change in the near future, but for now I agree.
The 9500 pro falls somewhere in between the nVidia Ti4200 and 4400s' performance. Sure it's a true DX9 card, but it still costs around the same as the Ti4400.
I won't consider either of the ATI cards I've mentioned above. Main reasons center around lack of support for (and issues with) popular flight simulators that I enjoy flying. The cards are geared more for the modern gamer, and to be honest, the Radeons should be backward compatable with ALL DX and openGL-based 3D games. This, and the fact that some of the earlier models of 9700 pros were faulty and driver issues will keep me from considering their products at this time.
I know for a fact that the Geforce4 Ti4400/4600 models work well with my flight sims, and most other games.

We all have our opinions. Mine rests with nVidia..

January 4, 2003 6:51:39 AM

Good choice. I'm not over the last burn on ATI drivers that I took before Geforce. I said then, never again. So far I haven't seen the support keep up with the Hype from ATI. I believe that the ATI is making money right now. FX comes out & watch the driver support go to almost nothing, again. No Nvidia has the driver market cornered. The TI4600 is a fine card for sure.

Signature, I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!