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When reading the review over the past years, there tends to be a section regarding CPU scaling of a particular graphics chip. Similarly, CPU reviews generally show the latest Nvidia and ATI chips at play.

It would appear that certain graphics chips require a given amount of CPU power to unlock their potential and similarly are 'wasted' on higher end CPU's.

Therefore can someone point me to (or post) a list showing graphics chips against the best range of CPU's for that chip? (I'd be inclined to use AMD)
eg (made up figures): Geforce - 800Mhx - 1.2Ghz
Geforce2 1Ghz - 1.4Ghz
Ti4200 1700+ - 2100+ etc etc

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  1. Havent seen any such lists (mebbie they it is out there) but generally, the more the card costs the better it will show with the latest/fastest CPUs... Ti4600/R9700/Pro I would run this with a 2GHz class CPU, R8500/Ti4200 1.5-2ghz and so on...

    As far I have read, the R9700pro definately scales the best...

    no-one shouts louder than someone who is being ignored, or in the case of techies, to be heard over the noise of their PC's ;-)
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