Convert WMV into AVI or MPEG

hi guys!do u know which software that can convert movie files from .wmv to .avi or .mpeg?

Thank you for your help. ;)

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  1. Yeah, I can't give you an exact address, but search for a modified version of VirtualDub. The regular version won't allow you to open asf or wmv, because they're copyrighted by microsoft. If you can't find it, pm me and I'll email it to you

    It's all good ^_^
  2. Umm, ignore my previous post. The modded version of virtualdub doesn't open wmv, it was for opening asf/asx files. Needless to say, I'd still search for another modded version, VirtualDub is an easy program to modify

    It's all good ^_^
  3. Sorry for the 8 million messages, but I found a couple links that could help you out:

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  4. Here are some more freeware that do the same job:

    wmv to avi -- Stoik Video Converter, GraphEdit
    wmv to mpeg -- TMPGEnc

    This link has all the info... <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
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